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Fizzo offers Writer Benefits and Royalties for qualified books. More than 50 novels earn over $1000 monthly on Fizzo. Join us! Turn your talent into income. Learn more about Benefits

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Professional editors provide assistance during your writing process. Supportive moderators are always responsive and helpful. Fizzo builds writer networks where you can interact and share your works with your fellow writers.

Trustworthy Copyright Protection

Fizzo has safeguards in place that aim to prevent others from copying or distributing content without permission. Fizzo respects original works and is committed to working against plagiarism.

Attractive Bonuses for Different Contract Options

We offer both exclusive and non-exclusive contract options.
Multiple bonuses and  more opportunities! Please check the details on the Benefit page.

Exclusive Contracts

Writers with exclusive contracts will be offered Writer Benefits and Royalties

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Writers with non-exclusive contracts will be offered Writer Benefits and Royalties
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Amazon-published author, Webtoon Creator, a visionary, a supermom, and a Filipina.

J.M. Felic

It was June 2008 when I started writing my first story, and since then, I never stopped. Writing for me is a passion and my form of legacy for my children and grandchildren. And oh! Not to mention my way of escaping from reality.

I joined Fizzo in May with my Werewolf Romance, A Ma(id) for the Alpha, and my stay with them has been awesome! I just finished book 1 and 2 of the story and will continue writing book 3 and so on because my readers on Fizzo are just awe-inspiring!

Communication with them is transparent. My writer fees had been prompt and with no issues. Their writer dashboard is comprehensive. Their benefits as an exclusive writer are the best I had ever seen. You should see and experience it for yourself to believe it.

Their app is improving fast and caters to the needs of both writers and readers. They truly care.

Fizzo has been supportive of my book and with me as a writer. They had promoted A Ma(id) for the Alpha on Facebook and other social media pages and in their homepage for a number of times and because of this, I accumulated more readers that love my work.

Personally, being with Fizzo is the best decision of my life this year, and if given a chance to sign another book with them, I will do it without hesitation.

A hopeless Scandic romance writer, mother of two adorable savages, soulmate of a preacher's son and otherwise chillin' on a cold arctic island.

Tamar Leo

The editors are super nice and always ready to answer all your questions - even the stupid ones and their designers make the most beautiful covers to really make the story come alive, which I think personally really motivates authors to keep on writing.

The community is also always active with something or other; be it inspirational quotes, memes, or just updates on Fizzo’s performance, you’re never in a loop for long. And there are so many talented and creative people - authors and editors alike ready to give you inspiration or just a good laugh whenever you need it.

So joining Fizzo isn’t just joining a platform, it’s joining a family!

Born in an island raised in a city. A dark romance author, tea enthusiast, adventure seeker who loves to read and tries never to live the same day twice.

Suleidy Merced

Being an emerging author of dark romance, I am always looking for a place to share my stories. Having looked at many platforms, I was curious about Fizzo.

From the moment I decided to join the team as a writer, I have had a blast and received amazing support. I wasn’t just a writer. It felt like I was part of the Fizzo family.

Eileen helped me whenever I had writer's block. She even shared a few ideas that came to her while reading my book. I’m glad I took a chance on them just as they took one on me. If you are looking for a platform where you feel appreciated and supported then Fizzo is the place to be.

It has been six months since I first published. I can't be any happier. My story, Kidnapped by the Mafia Boss has become a fan favorite with their help. I can’t wait until I get to publish my next book.

Thank you Fizzo for being an amazing platform to write for and making me part of the Fizzo family!

Dinikahi Ustadz Tampan

Kidnapped by the Mafia Boss

Last Drop Of Love

Mated to the Rival Alpha

My Arrogant Boss Is My Husband

Pregnant with the Alpha's Baby

Rejected by My Alpha Mate

Sang Duda Penggoda!

Terjerat Pesona Mafia

Terpaksa Kusewakan Rahimku.

Terpaksa Menikahi Tetangga

The Cursed Wolf

MyTopia is our English reading platform while Fizzo is our reading platform for all other languages. However, all authors, regardless of whether they write in English or any other languages, will use the Fizzo Writing Center.

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